Current Stock List

Aulonocara baenshi Benga
3.25″ Male $30

Aulonocara koningsi Mbenji
3.25″ Male $30

Aulonocara maylandi Eccles Reef
3.5″ Female $25

Buccochromis rhoadesii “Yellow Lepturus”
3.75″ Female $35

Copadichromis mloto reef Mdoka
2″-2.75″ Juveniles $30 (Rare)

Exochochromis anagenys “Yellow”
3.75″ Female $35

Placidochromis phenochilus Mdoka “white lips”
3.25″-3.35 Female $30

*Due to unforeseen circumstances our latest shipments have been delayed.
We are working with our suppliers to rectify some logistical changes that occurred without notice.
Thank you for your patience and support…