Shipping Information

Please read this thoroughly!

We are able ship to the continental US, Canada, HI, AK, and PR via UPS, FedEx, Southwest Cargo and Delta Cargo.

In house pickup can be arranged for local hobbyists. Due to restrictions on our business license and for liability reasons we cannot have visitors in the fishroom.
Fish that are arranged for pickup will be professionally bagged as if they were going to be shipped. This ensures they will easily survive any length of travel.
All fish are professionally packed, we use reliable and sturdy insulated polystyrene boxes. We use durable 3 mil poly bags and most fish are double-bagged while some more aggressive species are triple-bagged. We use oxygen and a special water formula mix to help the fish get through the shipping process with the least amount of stress possible.

Dead On Arrival Policy

In the rare instance of a DOA (due to unforeseen circumstances) a live arrival guarantee is offered on all same-day arrivals via air cargo and overnight arrivals via UPS & FedEx shipping. Overnight shipping is highly recommended when shipping in extremely warm or cold climates. The less time the fish spends in the bag, the less stress they experience.
Once I hand the fish over to the shipper, they are out of my control. If anything shall delay arrival or cause damage, I will work with you and the carrier to rectify the situation.
We also offer two day shipping methods. This method will not be used during the winter months, or when shipping to extremely hot or cold climates. It is only recommended for smaller, less aggressive fish that produce minimal waste. Due to the length of time the fish are in transit and the extra handling, two-day shipping is not guaranteed.
Please do not ask us to ship our fish via USPS as they are not fully equipped to handle live animals.
In the rare occurrence of a DOA claim you must provide a picture or video of the DOA’s. We request a picture of DOA fish to discourage DOA fraud.
After the DOA request is accepted you will be given the choice of a full refund of the price of the fish, or replacement fish. We do not give credits. We refund cash if our fish arrive dead. Just like any retail store, if you have a receipt and an item is nonfunctioning, you get a refund. This applies to our fish. We will not hold your money.


The package should not be left outside for longer then one hour in normal (70F) weather. Packages delivered in extremely warm or cold climates need to be claimed immediately upon delivery.
A proper acclimation process is mandatory when receiving our fish. We recommend floating for 15-30 minutes, followed by emptying the bags into a large net on a bucket, and putting the fish directly into the tank. We will not offer a live arrival guarantee if you drip acclimate our cichlids. During shipping, pH drops and ammonia is detoxified. When you drip acclimate fish you increase pH and exponentially increase the toxicity of the ammonia in the bag. This can be deadly to the fish!

Please see our Q&A for more information on how to maintain the health and coloration of these beautiful fish.