Welcome to The Wonder of Cichlids, where we take great pride in importing and selling African Cichlids of the highest quality. We are partnerd with some of the best breeders and exporters in Europe and Africa who are known worldwide for the quality and care of their Cichlids.
Here at The Wonder of Cichlids, we have been supplying some of the nicest and brightest breeding stock to accomplished Cichlid breeders throughout North America over the years and the positive feedback has been consistent and greatly appreciated.
My ongoing mission is to supply you, my customer, new or returning with high quality fish and an experience that exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards in Cichlid care. All Cichlids are observed on a daily basis and all imported Cichlids are quarantined for a period of 12 -14 days, are feeding and in excellent condition before sale. Incoming water is filtered, buffered, and heated before entering the tanks during water changes. For high performance we perform multiple 90% water changes and during these water changes all tanks are deep cleaned to remove waste and excess organic buildup keeping our nitrates low and our rift lake Cichlids fiesty and healthy. We over filter the tanks with multiple clean sponge filters run off of an extremely high quality air system creating high levels of oxygen for the Cichlids to thrive.
We go to great lengths to ensure that our Cichlids’ daily nutrition is optimal and the fish are fed only high quality foods allowing us to control exactly what the fish are eating and to have them in prime condition for purchase.
It will be our pleasure to ensure that our Cichlids leave our tanks and safely arrive to you for your pleasure. We look forward to hearing from you!